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Makerspace: Introduction

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Mastering the Pro-Bot

What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a space designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity. The key thing about the space is that students are actually making something. Creativity is sometimes idea generation, it’s sometimes problem-solving. In a makerspace, you’re actually going to create some kind of product. It could be a digital product. It could be a physical product. It's a space devoted to, differentiated and set up for making.

Making a Cobra Wave with Paddle Pop Sticks

What is the science behind the cobra wave?

A long, interwoven lattice of popsicle sticks can release its stored energy in a visually impressive, propagating wave—a raised section of the structure akin to an angry cobra that spits out sticks as it moves. To explain the cobra-like shape, the researchers rely on elasticity theory, modeling the lattice as a uniform, continuous, and flexible material. They find that the shape depends on a competition between the recoil resulting from ejecting sticks—which keeps the raised section up—and the elastic and gravitational forces that pull it downward.

Learning about Claymation

Watch the video to find out how to create claymation characters for your stop motion story.

Making Corner Bookmarks