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07 - Artist case study: Search strategies you should be using

Created by Alison Rout

If you search the www more EFFICIENTLY you are much more likely to find what you want

Boolean strategies for more efficient searching


Use simple keyword strings

 rembrandt chiaroscuro

 rembrandt light

 rembrandt impasto

 rembrandt (portrait or face)

 vlaminck fauvis*

 vlaminck cubis*


Phrase searching is crucial

-          use “….”


 "nike savvas" themes

 "nike savvas" materials

 "marc quinn" purpose

 "marc quinn" provoke

 "marc quinn" interview

 vlaminck interview

Use multiple keyword synonyms wherever possible.

-          Use (….. or …..)

 "nike savvas" (gallery or museum)

 rembrandt (materials or techniques)

 "Maurice de Vlaminck" (interview of letter or diary)

Search by domain

-           Use the shortcut  site:.                                (or use Google’s Advanced Search function)


-          .edu websites and web documents are published by universities

-          .au websites and web documents were published in Australia

-          .gov documents are government publications



 rembrandt (materials or techniques)