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Speculative Fiction

What will I find here?

Aliens. Creepy crawlies. Robots. Ghosts. And the worst of the bunch - humans!

The genre Speculative Fiction includes stories from a number of different sub-genres including:

  • Alternative History: Stories set in a historical time period where key events have diverged from the actually history of the world. 

  • Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic: Stories focusing on the collapse of society, or dealing with events following the collapse. 

  • Dystopian: Stories that explore the faults and failings of seemingly utopic societies. Often these stories portray concerns the author has about their current society. 

  • Fantasy: Stories set in a fictional world, often including magic or other supernatural elements. 

  • Horror: Supernatural stories that have the capacity to startle, frighten or disgust the reader. 

  • Paranormal: Stories are set in the real world, which also include supernatural aspects. 

  • Science Fiction: Stories that include imagined futuristic scientific or technological advances. Space, time travel and life on other planets are common themes. 

Top Loans for Speculative Fiction

The Silmarillion
A Game of Thrones
Lord of the Flies
Ready Player One
American Gods
Disappearing Act
The Way of Shadows