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11 - What is human nature?: Introduction

Exploring different philosophies

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The importance of understanding human nature

Is there such a thing as "human nature" that applies to all people and, if so, how is it defined?

Philosophers and religious traditions have given many different answers to these questions. A person's views about "human nature" can have a profound influence on how they act, what they value and why they think their life has a certain meaning. 

How "human nature" is defined also determines how people decide to set up the society they live in.

As you research this topic, you can examine what philosophers say in support of their views. How do they try to convince you?

What prescription or path does each philosophy propose for "human nature" to follow and why?

What is the ideal human life from the perspective of each philosophy?

By using your reasoning powers you can investigate different views and develop your own answers to questions about "human nature". 




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