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The Basics

What is it?

BorrowBox is an easy to use platform that allows you to select and download ebooks and eAudiobooks to your computer or any mobile device.

Adaptive Features

It is perfect for all types of readers and boasts a plethora of accessibility features such as font adapting abilities (including changing font colour and size or using a special dyslexic-friendly font), adjustable player speeds for eAudiobooks, and auditory description services.


  • Apple
  • Android
  • Kindle Fire
  • Windows

Accessing BorrowBox

  • BorrowBox app

Access the BorrowBox collection through your smart device, e.g. phone, tablet, Kindle. Search for the BorrowBox app on the App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android), or Amazon Store (Kindle) to get started.

How-to: Using BorrowBox


Download Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access BorrowBox?

You can use BorrowBox in two ways: through a smart device with the BorrowBox app or through the BorrowBox website.

  • The BorrowBox app is available on in app stores. Search for BorrowBox in the Apple Store (for Apple products), Google Play (for Android and Windows devices), and in the Amazon Fire Tablet store.
  • Click the BorrowBox link above under 'Accessing BorrowBox'.

How do I log into BorrowBox?

When prompted, your log in details are always: your student number and your Spaces password.

Note: You don't need to include when signing into BorrowBox.


How many eBooks and eAudiobooks can I borrow through BorrowBox?

You can borrow 2 eBooks and 2 eAudiobooks at one time.


How do I see the eBooks and eAudiobooks I have on loan?

You can see your current loans, as well as your borrowing record, on your account page.

Click on My Account from the top navigation bar.


Something I want to read is on loan! What can I do?

Like with our print collection, we generally only have on copy of each eBook or eAudiobook available. If the item you want it on loan, you can Reserve it - this willl place a reservation or hold on the title. As soon as the item is returned, you will be informed via email and you'll get first dibs on borrowing it.

You can reserve an item by clicking on the Reserve button.


How do I return my eBooks and eAudiobooks?

You can return items early if you finish them before the due date.

Click on My Account and then Return.

If you forget, don't worry: BorrowBox will automatically return all items when they reach their due date.


I haven't finished with my eBook or eAudiobook yet! Can I have it for longer?

If your item doesn't have a Reservation on it, you can renew your items and extend your loan by two weeks.

Click on My Account and then Renew.

If the item has a Reservation on it, unfortunately you'll have to wait until the other person has finished it. If this happens, you can place a Reservation on it and be next in line to borrow it when it is returned again.


I still need help! What can I do?

If you're experiencing trouble with either the BorrowBox website or app, please pop by the library front desk or email for assistance.