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Reading the News

Why Read the News?

The news is a critical source of information.

  • It is an important resource to keep you up-to-date with what is going on in Australia and the world.
  • Reading the news allows you to develop your critical thinking skills and is a useful tool in combatting fake news.

Please note: From 2020, the Library does not receive print copies of any Australian newspapers. Access to newspapers and media is provided exclusively online.


AbsolutVision [freegraphictoday]. (2017). Business newspaper pages [Photograph]. Unsplash.

News for Research

How do I use the news for research?

While they are not considered academic sources, news articles and media can be used to inspire and enrich your research.

What is an embargo?
An embargo is a limitation on when articles can be published. For newspapers, this may mean that access is delayed for a number of days.

Different databases will have access to different types of articles and some are subject to embargos.

News as Primary Sources

News paper articles can be used as primary sources. They can:

  • Offer invaluable insights into social, historical, and economic perspectives as they provide multiple points of view and firsthand accounts of issues and events.
  • Allow researchers to track historical, social, and economic viewpoints over time.
  • Give you the opportunity to examine issues and events in the context of their time

Newspapers also contain commentaries and editorials which are useful as secondary sources.

TV News and Current Affairs

What is it?

The news is not just what is printed: TV news and current affairs are also important sources of information and can also give you further insight into what is happening in the world. 

Current affairs shows use mainstream news headlines to explore themes, events, and people of interest through detailed analysis and discussion.

As with all your resources, you should always view these resources very critically as they can be used to spin a certain story or push an agenda.

Current Affairs Sources

An archive of a variety of current affairs titles are available through ClickView.