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12 - Visual Arts - Art and Power: Keyword strings for efficient searching

A research guide for Year 12 HSC Visual Arts module 'art and power'. Includes links to online articles and other information.

Mrs Rout's analysis of the questions and the keyword strings she used

 Explain how two of the above artists use symbols to communicate the social, economic or political concerns of their respective societies. 


 Discuss how two of the above artists use materials and techniques to provoke awareness of social injustices in their society. 


 Investigate how two of the above artists have used their art to shock or confront an audience. Consider the varying reactions of audiences across time. 


 Artworks shape the way we understand culture. With reference to this statement explain how artists raise awareness of economic, political or social issues


 Compare how two bodies of work communicate narratives through symbolism.


Keyword strings Mrs Rout used for efficient searching:

“political art”

art “political aspects”

art propaganda

art “social change”

art protest

art society

art activis*

art “social aspects”

art (witness or testimony)



"francisco goya" (society or social)

"francisco goya" activis*

"francisco goya" (technique or material)

"francisco goya" confront*


goya politic*

goya (themes or symbols)

goya symbol

goya reception

goya technique


picasso (confront or provoc* or shock)

picasso (intend or intention)

picasso symbol*

picasso (society or "social change")

picasso influence

picasso cubism


"william kentridge"  symbols

"william kentridge"  political

"william kentridge"  criti*

"william kentridge" (purpose or intention)

"william kentridge" politic*


"juan davila" (purpose or intention)

"juan davila" (society or "social change")

"juan davila" technique

"juan davila" politic*

"juan davila" (shock or confront)


"george gittoes" (politic* or society)

"george gittoes" purpose

"george gittoes" (technique or materials)

"george gittoes" and social injustice