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11 - Maths and Driving: Introduction







Focus Study: Mathematics and Driving : Research Skills 

  • Some websites leave out  information they don't want you to think about.
  • Some websites give you obviously biased information. 
  • Some websites give unbiased information because they are NOT trying to make money out of readers.
  • Some websites contain information in graphical OR table format which you need to be able to interpret for yourself.
  • You should use the ANZ NewStand database to find newspaper articles.
  • You can use Ctrl F (or Command F) to find specific keywords in a webpage OR a web document.
  • Reliable information provided by governments can be found by limiting your search to the government domain using
  • One way to  EVALUATE a web document is to check when it was published. This tells you how up to date the information in it is. 

              Another way to EVALUATE a web document is to check who wrote it.


FSDr1 Costs of purchase and insurance

FSDr2 Running costs and depreciation

FSDr3 Safety





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