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Referencing Toolkit

APA : Class Notes

Basic Format to Reference Class Notes

The basics of a reference list entry for class notes or an in-class presentation:

  • Author. Surname followed by initials.
  • Year (in round brackets). Provide an exact date of delivery if known, e.g. (2018, March 12)
  • Title (in italics). Provide the Unit code, Unit Name and Session details in the title (even if not explicitly in presentation title).
    • If the presentation has no title provide a brief description in [square brackets] with no italics, also containing Unit and Session details.
  • Description of medium [in square brackets], for e.g. [Course presentation] or [PowerPoint slides].
  • School name.
  • URL. For content on Canvas, provide the link to the Canvas log-in page.
  • The first line of each citation is left adjusted. Every subsequent line is indented 1.27cm.

Example: Bruck, D. (2009). APP1016: Foundations of Psychological Research, week 6 notes [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

APA lecture notes reference


Referencing Course Notes: Examples

Printable examples

Material Type

In-text examples

Reference list examples

Class Notes or presentation: Online (Canvas)

... the complexities of 'power' (Ooi, 2018).

Ooi, Daniel. (2018, October 31). Session 3 presentation: AEB1804 Young People in a Global Community [Course presentation]. First Year College, Victoria University.

[Use Title Case for the Unit Name, as it is a proper noun.]

Class Notes: Print

(Sonn, 2011)

Sonn, C. (2011). APM5003: Exploring methodology for psychological research [Class handout]. School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.