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APA : Quotes in APA

For direct quotes of less than 40 words, incorporate them into the text and enclose the quote with double quotation marks:

Interpreting these results, Robbins et al. (2003, p. 541) suggested that the "therapists in dropout cases may have inadvertently validated parental negativity about the adolescent without adequately responding to the adolescent's needs or concerns", contributing to an overall climate of negativity.

For direct quotes of 40 or more words start a new paragraph that is indented from the left. The entire quote should be double-spaced. Quotation marks are not required e.g.


Others have contradicted this view:

Co-presence does not ensure intimate interaction among all group members. Consider large-scale social gatherings in which hundreds or thousands of people gather in a location to perform a ritual or celebrate an event. 
           In these instances, participants are able to see the visible manifestation of the group, the physical gathering, yet their ability to make direct, intimate connections with those around them is limited by the sheer magnitude of the assembly. (Purcell, 1997, pp. 111-112)

[Note: Use paragraph numbers if no page numbers are available.]