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Oxford : The Reference List

Your Reference List should be located on a separate page at the end of your essay and titled: Reference List. It should include the details of all your footnotes, arranged alphabetically A-Z by author surname, click on the 'Sample Referencing List' tab for more details. The terms ‘Bibliography’ and ‘Reference List’ are often used interchangeably, however, a Reference List only includes items you have referenced in your assignment whereas a Bibliography also includes items used to prepare your assignment. Check with your lecturer or tutor which one they require. Other points to note:

  • In your footnotes, the author’s given name precedes the surname i.e. P. Grimshaw, while in the Reference List the surname comes first i.e. Grimshaw, P.,
  • If the work has no author use the first substantive word of the title (not The or A) to insert it into the alphabetical sequence.
  • In the Reference List include the full page range of a journal article or book chapter, e.g. pp. 165-217. Page numbers are not required for entire books in the Reference List.
  • If you have cited more than one work by the same author, you should arrange them by date with the earliest first. If the dates are the same add a lower case letter after the date to differentiate between two such publications, e.g. 1996a, 1996b. See 'Flannery' in the 'Sample Reference List'. Use this convention in your footnotes as well.
  • For examples of citing different formats of works in your Reference List click on the Reference Formats tab.

[Please Note: Some lecturers require your Reference List to be divided into Primary and Secondary Sources. Click on the Sample Reference List tab for more details.]