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Referencing Toolkit

How to Reference

Basic Format to Reference Newspaper Articles

The basics of a reference list entry for a newspaper article

  • Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials.
  • Year and publication date.
  • Article title.
  • Newspaper title (in italics).
  • Page number (if available).
  • URL
  • The first line of each citation is left adjusted. Every subsequent line is indented 1.27cm. 


Spring, A., & Earl, C. (2018, May 22). 'Just not blonde': How the diversity push is failing Australian fashion. The Guardian: Australian Edition.

Spring, A., & Earl, C. (2018, May 22). ‘Just not blonde’: How the diversity push is failing Australian fashion. The Guardian: Australian Edition.

Please note:

  • As many newspapers are daily publications, the date of the newspaper must be included.


Printable Handouts

Citation Styles

Material Type

In-text examples

Reference list examples

Newspaper: Print

There will be a "fiscal tsunami of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age" (Tillett, 2018, p. 5).


Tillett (2018) warns of a "fiscal tsunami of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age" (p. 5).

Add page numbers in parenthesis for direct quotes from articles.

Tillett, A. (2018, May 9). Australians encouraged to age at home. The Australian Financial Review, 5.

If an article appears on discontinuous pages, give all page numbers, and separate the numbers with a comma.
Newspaper: from a Website

…brunette not blonde (Spring & Earl, 2018).


Spring and Earl (2018) discuss diversity…

Spring, A. & Earl, C. (2018, May 22). ‘Just not blond’: How the diversity push is failing Australian fashion. The Guardian: Australia Edition.

If an article already contains punctuation, such as the single quotes around 'Just not blonde' in the above example, retain these in your reference.
Newspaper: from a library database

... work integrated learning programs (Woodman, 2018).


Woodman (2018) highlights the need ...

Woodman, D. (2018), May 16). Internships have much to offer but provisions are necessary to ensure the young truly benefit. The Australian, 29.

A newspaper article retrieved from a library database can be referenced as though it were the print version.
Newspaper article: without author

…leading exponent of behavioural economics (“Economics Nudging,” 2017).


As discussed in “Economics Nudging” (2017), governments…

Use a shortened title (or full title if it is short) in Headline Case enclosed in double quotation marks.

Economics nudging people away from war. (2017, December 16). The Age, 33.

Use the first word of the title to place this reference in the alphabetical sequence of your reference list.
Newspaper article: from a separately paginated section

This may demonstrate a diversity of representation in these "niche dramas" (Idato, 2018, p. 20).

Idato, M. (2018, May 10). Art of cutting humanity down to size. The Age: Green Guide, 20.

Note: 'Green Guide' before the page number indicates a separately paginated section of the newspaper.
Press or Media Release

(CSIRO, 2007)

(Prime Minister of Australia, 2010)

CSIRO. (2007, March 20). Cyclone science shows rainforest impacts and recovery [Press release]. Retrieved from

Prime Minister of Australia. (2010, July 7). Gillard Government to boost resources to international border patrols [Press release]. Canberra, ACT: AGPS.